You can read about Alexander the Great – or you can be/fight him in my games

Reading about Alexander the Great, his wars, and those like the Captain of Thebes in my novel who fought against him is always fun. So is leading his armies – or leading the fight to stop them – in a game.   In Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea you can do just that – and more.


Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is my 24th published board game.  My co-designer, Christopher Vorder Bruegge, and I are old friends, and have worked with each other on many games.  This one, and the next in the series, allow players to build – or conquer -the great civilizations of antiquity.   In Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea, there is a scenario that challenges the player to try to accomplish what Alexander did in the western portion of the Persian empire – or to play the Persians in an effort to stop him.   There are many other set-ups and scenarios in this game, all of which cover the rise and fall of the civilizations around the Mediterranean Basin, from the days of the god-kings of Egypt up through the fall of Rome.

Alexander plays a much more prominent role in the next game in the series, Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East, due out late 2020, also from GMT games.  The map for this game covers the entire Persian empire, with scenarios that offer a would-be-Alexander the chance to march the length and breadth of the empire, and beyond, into the Indus Valley.  A player may also, like the Captain of Thebes in my novel, take upon themselves the defense of that empire to lead the fight against Alexander the Great.



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