Throne of Darius cited as “Recommended Reading” on Persia in the age of Alexander

Noted historian, game designer, commentator and reviewer Bill Gray cited Throne of Darius as one of the books on his “Recommended Reading” list for those who play games on Alexander – and notably the new computer game (which of course I play)

Ancient Persia Book Reccomendations


Throne of Darius: the Fight Against Alexander the Great (2019)
Author: Mark G McLaughlin, Scott Mitchelson (Illustrator), Krystallia Papadimitriou (Editor)
Pages: 672
Available from: Amazon

This is pure historical fiction and covers the end of our historical period as Alexander of Macedon takes on the Achaemenid Persians in the final showdown. However, rather than concentrating on Alexander and the famous names who followed him, this book looks at the people who fought him, and more particularly the little guys, such as Halime, a courageous horse girl.

The central character is a hoplite from Thebes who, rather than join the Macedonians upon the defeat of his city-state, offers his services to King Darius along with several of his comrades. The result is 672 pages of rapid paced dialogue divided into small chapters that combine to present a most irreverent picture of Alexander. McLaughlin is a long-time wargame designer for GMT et al, and this book shows he knows his audience.

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