Hear Rameses’ Tell how he saved Egypt from the Sea Peoples

The invasion of the Sea Peoples in the 12th century BC hit the eastern Mediterranean world with thunderclap surprise.  Most established kingdoms were swept away by this mass migration of entire nations – not just raiders or warriors or tribes but entire nations – which hurled themselves upon their shores with devastating and overwhelming power.

One – and only one – of the great kingdoms survived that angry flood: Egypt.  I did so by the narrowest of margins, and thanks to the courage, skill and tenacity of one man: Pharoah Rameses III.    His victory over the Sea Peoples is inscribed both in words and pictures on the walls of temples and monuments. Seeing and reading that story is one thing – but to hear it?  That is another experience altogether, and one made even richer by the actor who reads those words in this short but moving video.

Why am I posting this?  First, of course, is my interest in the period.  Second,  I not only read books, paint miniature soldiers and play wargames set in this era, but I also design board games in which these kingdoms, nations, peoples and events occur.

The Sea Peoples – and Egypt – appear in both of my games on the ancient world.   Egypt is a major and playable civilization in both Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea and in the upcoming Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East.   In the first game the Sea Peoples are a playable faction in a scenario but otherwise are represented only by cards – nasty cards that unleash hordes of barbarian invaders on the shores of other civilizations.  Some of those cards are present in the second game, but a player can also choose the Sea Peoples as their playable civilization.



Here is the prototype for the Sea Peoples in Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East

and here is the prototype Civilization Display for the Egyptians in Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East:

..so you can see why I was so moved by that clip, with the actor speaking as if he were Ramses telling this stirring tale of war – and survival.



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