Cover Art & Update for Throne of Darius: A Princess of Persia

Below is a preliminary sketch for the book cover.  Scott Mitchelson has kept the aesthetic sense of the first novel’s cover, while introducing some new elements (like the textured background). The coin (on which Barsine – the “princess” of the title – appears) echoes the shield from the first novel, and sits on a diadem (which will feature some jewels). The title, “Book II: A Princess of Persia” will be embroidered on a fine cloth which sits below the diadem. On either side of the coin, and wrapped up slightly in the cloth, are two daggers.

I finished the copy for this second novel on April 30.  I am 25% of the way through my review, and expect to have it ready for Krystallia (the editor) mid-May;  we are aiming at a late June release

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