New FREE Short Story: The Second Best Swordsman (and Worst Postman) in All of Persia

My latest short story – and FREE on Story Origin

second best swordsman short story by mark g mclaughlin

A (mostly) true story of Darius III, king of kings, and lord of the four quarters of the world

A short historical military fiction story

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Young Imperial Postal Courier Number 378 of the Persian Empire undertakes a dangerous mission during the war between the Cadusii and the Persians, which will change his life -and history- forever. Mark McLaughlin pens yet another fascinating short story, based on historical facts, about one of his characters of Throne of Darius series.

and, of course, the first short story is also free:

second best swordsman short story by mark g mclaughlin

DOUBLE GIVEAWAY: To celebrate the release of the Throne of Darius audiobook, here is a double gift: the first 5 readers to download the free short story “Cynane, Warrior Princess of Macedonia”, will receive a free code for the Throne of Darius Audiobook!

(it will ask for your email) and I will come back to you with the free code if you are one of the first 5 persons to download Cynane.What to do: download the free short story here…/7c8adc20-ccc5-11ea-8030…

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