“Goodreads” Readers Give Throne of Darius Four Stars

* * * * – Average rating4.05 · Rating details · 21 ratings · 6 reviews

Throne of Darius has earned a 4.05 out of a possible 5.0 rating from 21 members of Goodreads. Six of those readers took the time to review the novel – the first in a series that includes Princess of Persia and the upcoming Sacker of Cities (due out in April). The fourth of eight books in the ongoing saga of the Greeks and Persians who stood AGAINST Alexander the Great is now being written.

Here are just a few examples of what Goodreads readers are saying about Throne of Darius:

Gabriel rated it really liked it
Interesting take on Alexander the “Great”

If you are looking for an easy reading style to gain a new perspective on the Alexander of history then this is the book for you. The fictional narrative of his enemies as they struggle to take vengeance makes it easy to digest and relate to.

Darrell L rated it it was amazing
A welcome surprise!

I read many historical novels each year. Occasionally I purchase one written by an author not known to me. This was the case when I purchased The Throne of Darius: A Captain of Thebes. The premise of the story was attractive. The early years of ALEXANDER and how His actions affected the lives of thousands was captured by Mark McLaughlin in a truly engaging style.

Alex Emerson rated it really liked it
This book is a great way to learn history. There are no long lectures or boring exposition. Everything is explained in easy to understand way, even for people who have no idea about those historical events. Descriptions are short but accurate. I’m not an expert but I noticed that the author did a detailed research about military strategies, everyday life or geography.

This book is long but the action is gripping. The characters are probably the greatest advantage, all sides of the conflict had reasonable motivations and beliefs, I understood the reasons of the battles or alliances.


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