With great pleasure and anticipation I recently decided to play another, already third solo scenario in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea (ACIS). That time I will not be in  a defensive position, like when protecting Western or Eastern Roman Empires from barbarians, or trying to deter the Darius / Xerxes Persian invasion of the Greek world. No, this time I am going to be on the offensive, running against the time, Achaemenid Empire and trying to recreate feats of the greatest Macedonian general in history – Alexander the Great!

My ACIS campaigns:
Fall of Rome II (West and East version)
Greeks & Persians
Alexander the Great


I am playing as Greeks, against Land Persians and Sea Persians. The ultimate goal – destroy all cities with Gold on enemy side (eight in total). At the same time, Greek mainland should be protected (four gold provinces) (click to enlarge)
I have pretty decent civilization and three very important combat cards, one refreshed each turn and two which I can easily “draw” (click to enlarge)
My opponents are formidable and their both special abilities are active (as opposed to “Greeks and Persians” scenario) (click to enlarge)

Turn 1 

Turn 1. Let’s the game begin! I immediately attack in first turn – almost the whole Asia Minor is under siege (click to enlarge)
Persians are slow to respond as per rules and the Battle of Granicus River is decisively won! (click to enlarge)
The situation at the end of Turn 1. I had some losses due to cards in mainland Greece, but other than that the progress is good!

Turn 2

The Turn 2 will be very difficult for me. To the breaking point. First, Persians will receive massive reinforcements due to events (from draw phase)  (click to enlarge)
Then I will be really hard-hit by the enemy events, especially “Bread &* Circus” – which in order to still have enough talents / cards for combat, I had to resolve by losing 5 VPs…  (click to enlarge)
Not much change after Turn 2? Yes, and this is really not good for me. Instead of crossing to Syria, I had to repeal the counter-attack in Asia Minor as well as Persian landings in Attica and Laconia (click to enlarge)

Turn 3

Turn 3. Time to take the things seriously. Alexander crosses Strait of Al Mina – even at the cost of losing the fleet. Last stronghold in Asia Minor has to fall as well as a foothold in Syria created. Of course, the persistent Persians will again land in Greece! (click to enlarge)
A close-up before the combat resolution. Many good warriors will perish (click to enlarge)
And so it happened – the Persian empire lost all but the naval battles. A relief… (click to enlarge)
Close-up on the Asia Minor and Syria. I like how does it look like! (click to enlarge)
Just as the turn ended and we were drawing cards, another set of reinforcements arrived for Land Persians. Great… (click to enlarge)
Turn 3 final picture. The progress is good but a little slow. I have 1 to 3 turns (depending on the rolls) to finish the conquest. Will I manage? (click to enlarge)

Turn 4

Time to hit, and to hit hard again. All Phocian cities are under siege. All will be razed to the ground (click to enlarge)
Great, Syria is free of enemy presence and Sea Persians are out of game! Only one piece – Egypt- awaits. What can possibly go wrong?…


…and here the game ended. Yes, Alexander run out of time. There is a possibility to continue one or two more turns but it hinges on a “die roll” – if you get even card number from deck you continue, if not – Macedonian army is too tired to continue and refuses to fight. That what they did exactly when I was planning last step of conquest – Egypt.

It was close, it was satisfying and challenging. Definitely the bots / AI plays much better in defensive than when has to execute attack. I will have to play once more that scenario to try to repeat the feats of great general. But this is for another time… As always, great fun with ACIS.