Read the Novel – and Act it Out on a Board Game

I not only write novels about Alexander the Great – I also design games where you can be him – or lead the fight against him.


Alexander and Darius are both in my upcoming board game Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East by GMT Games.  (They also featured in  Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea, which came out last August).

In the Inner Sea game the map extends from the Pillars of Hercules to Syria;  there are scenarios for the two Persian invasions of Greece and for the first part of Alexander’s campaign to take the Throne of Darius.

The later scenario covers the events of the first novel in the series (from the invasion of Asia Minor, to the battle at the Granicus River and the sieges of Miletus and Halicarnassus).   The scenario also covers the area of the battle at the Issus River, which features in the second book in the series, subtitled: A Princess of Persia  (which I am now writing.)   The sieges of Tyre and Gaza and the conquest of Egypt are also part of that scenario. The third book in the series will focus on those events.

For the FULL Alexander experience, however, there is the Alexander vs Darius scenario in the upcoming  Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East.


The Greeks are on the northwestern most corner of the map – just enough presence to fight the Trojan War  scenario — where you can defend or “burn the topless towers of Illium” –but the map for this game goes all the way east to the Indus, thus allowing you to fight the entirety of Alexander’s campaign.   These include such monumental events as the great Battle of Gaugemala (which will be in book four), the Afghan Campaign (book five)  and the Battle of the Indus (book six).

(By the way,  the games have FULL SOLO and multiplayer rules for ALL setups and scenarios, and are not limited just to Alexander’s campaigns.  There are 10 major civilizations in the Inner Sea game  – (including Rome, the Gauls, Carthage, Egypt and the Phoenicians) and 16 in the Middle East game  (including Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Persia and that of King Solomon and the Israelites).

Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is available from GMT games;  Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East is available for pre-orders.  The game just passed the 500-order mark, and art support will be forthcoming this summer.

In the meantime, you can read the first novel in the series – which is free to KENP Kindle members and, from March 11 to 15,  only 99 cents as an e-book.  It will revert to $2.99 on March 16.  The paperback version is also available on Amazon:




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